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Pockets and the Kazookeylele

Pockets (YouTube musician)  joined TikTok in January 2021 and almost immediately started making waves. In a six month period Pockets amassed quarter of a million followers and started to break through on other platforms. They performed song requests from the comments sections on their videos. The most common request however was to “Make a cover album!” So “Pockets and the Kazookeylele” was born.

“Pockets and the Kazookeylele” contains nine fully recorded and produced versions of some of their most popular TikTok cover songs. Including bass, drums, backing vocals and of course kazookeylele. No song is safe!

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Papa Roach

The Darkness

Amanda Palmer

"PocketsUke isn't your average content creator."
Rose Minutalgio | ELLE 

Stuart Crout is more than a musician.” 

Something we’ve never seen before!”
Guitar World
“If you didn't know what a kazookeylele was before, prepare to have your mind blown.”
Huffington Post
This guy is wild!!”
System Of A Down | Shavo Odadjian

Justin Hawkins | The Darkness

“Witness for yourself the magic of the Kazookeylele” 
Olivia Munn | G4TV

“Prepare to be baffled by this guy’s awesomeness!”
Tibi Puiu | ZME MUSIC

Stuart Crout’s (“Final Countdown” cover) version is by far the most badass.”
“Remarkable for its ingenuity”
"Hilarious performance has won him fans all over the world"
Ben Spencer | Daily Record

“There is a reason that instrument doesn't exist.”
Simon Cowell | Britians Got Talent


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No guitars were used during the production of this album.

Many ukuleles were harmed during the production of this album.


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